About GLOBE Ministries

Who are we?

Perry and Sara Mahaffy are GLOBE Ministries missionaries working in Laredo, Texas,
the border region and Northern Mexico.  Perry has a Masters degree in
Cross-Cultural Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary and has been ministering
in Laredo, TX since 2001.  Sara is from Monterrey, Mexico and shares Perry's
passion for ministry through bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children.  Their
children are Roger 1
4, Mark 13, Alexandra 4 and Michael!

Where are we ministering?

We are simultaneously engaged in mission projects in Laredo, the Texas/Mexico
border region
and northern Mexico!

Who do we work alongside?

We collaborate with missionaries and national church leaders including:  The Laredo
Stepping Stone, Bread of Life Frontier Mission, The Pocket Testament League of
United Baptist Church and Centro de Ensenanza y Adoracion!

What is our focus?

We have a threefold focus of evangelism, discipleship and works of mercy.  Our
hearts desire is to bring lost people to faith in Jesus Christ, helping them grow toward
spiritual maturity and equipping them for service in ministry!

What is our philosophy of ministry?

We find we are most effective in ministry as "muddy boots" leaders!  21st century
missions in Mexico and along the border calls for missionaries secure in their view of
themselves, willing to admit mistakes and effective in co-laboring with national ministry
leaders.  We view ourselves as one part of a greater body of ministry under the
Lordship of Jesus Christ!  No one ministry can be an island to itself and remain
effective.  We are bringing Perry's college education from
LeTourneau University,
business experience from
Cardone Industries and a Masters degree from Dallas
Theological Seminary all to bear in a practical way improving the landscape of
ministry and promoting the health of growing churches.  All efforts are rooted in the
priorities of evangelizing lost souls, development of effective ministry and glorification
of our Lord Jesus Christ!
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