We are co-laboring in several different ministry projects at this moment!

In Laredo, we are assisting in the growth of a new Spanish congregation at Centro de
Ensenanza y Adoracion with pastor friend Albert Rodriguez.

In addition, we are assisting with the food distribution ministry of The Laredo Stepping
Stone on a bi-weekly basis.  Check them out right here:  
The Laredo Stepping Stone
The work we are doing at LSS is helping us attract un-churched people in the
community to United Baptist Church and Centro de Ensenanza y Adoracion!
Outside Laredo
Our Current Projects
We are assisting Bread of Life Frontier Mission in an unreached peoples project in the
Mexican state of Hidalgo.  GLOBE Ministries has donated funds for leadership training,
a fishery for economic assistance and the completion of a church building project.  The
Aztec Indians we are ministering to speak a Nauhuac dialect in addition to some
Spanish.  Some of the villages have had a church built recently while others have had no
local  Christian witness ever.  We are scheduled to go down to Indian country at least
quarterly and assist in the evangelism and discipleship training.  This is indeed the most
demanding ministry work we have ever done.  Hiking in and out of the mountains with a
full backpack is nothing less than grueling.  

We are assisting the Pocket Testament League of Mexico with their evangelism
projects all over Mexico by bringing critical resources to the events as well as building
relationships with pastors from every corner of the country.  We have assisted one
evangelist already with his large support deficit by helping him get set up with his own